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Embrace Death

Life and society is a struggle, we struggle to achieve something in this life and make it meaningful. So, I guess the only rest we can manage to have will be at death that’s why the “Rest in Peace”.

Am I Patriotic to My Country?

Patriotism and nationalism are two sides of the same coin kind of a yin-yang situation.

Knowledge Is “Not” Power

“Knowledge is power” is a quote that I’ve heard quite a lot while growing up. That is part of the reason why I believed in the schooling system and developed a want to know more. The stockpiling of all this information made me wonder in what way is the knowledge I have power.

I Am More of a ‘Rachel Green’!

There are expectations everyone has from the other person when dating and letting them know of it earlier would help navigate through such arguments.

Is Nostalgia Good or Bad?

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent ~ Victor Hugo, Hugo’s Works: William Shakespeare.” Blonde album by Frank Ocean remains to be one of my favorite albums and will always be.... Continue Reading →


Beneath every smile, every "I'm okay" and "I'm fine" there are battles fought by each of the people projecting these emotions. People take a smile to mean that a person is joyous since at least that's what the dictionary defines... Continue Reading →

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